Pretty sure everyone is wrong about everything
— Michael Ian Black

What is Moonwalk?

The podcast on how to moonwalk through your 20's. It's literally everything you ever wanted to know when you were 17 or 26, one joke and science reference at a time. 

From social dynamics to careers, status-signaling to Tinder, and childhood to "adulting", we break down the why and the how (using a research-driven approach, from evolutionary psychology to animal biology) and tell our stories. 

We solve "20-something" problems and fix it so you don't look a complete idiot. Whether you're 16 and mistakenly decided to text Sarah that she "smells nice" or you're 25 and just bought a family-sized pack of Argyle sweaters from Costco last month and suddenly realized your life has no purpose, you're at the right place. 

Mohnish Soundararajan

Mohnish is the host and producer of Moonwalk and his mom can confirm: he's really charming and he's really brown. He's done a few cool things with his spare time, like work for New York Times bestselling authors, a few startups (Book in the Box, UnCollege, etc.), and help launch and market Wall Street and Amazon bestsellers, but whatever, you don't give a shit about that. You can find out more at

Kevin Sanji

Kevin has gone from barely being able to muster up the courage to have a conversation with another human being to having his own show on the radio and providing hundreds of voiceovers, but more importantly, he's done this all while being Asian. He's always down for a good conversation with anyone over a nice glass of apple juice or a Danimals. Check him out on Twitter.

Jarrod Sport

Jarrod has fallen in love with storytelling, editing, and making documentaries that'll make you feel strong emotions while you cry softly in your sleep. Every now and then, he tells Mohnish he has no idea what he's doing, and that he should do it differently. On top of that, he tells stories about the social and political movements around the world. More about him here.