Keep the doors locked. Don’t go outside. Keep the windows shut. Just be a little bit cautious - we’ll have a squad car patrolling the area all night. We’ll try to make contact with Pizzaland and see if we can get some information on this guy
— Woman, to Kevin Sanji


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You don't want to tell bad stories because telling bad stories makes you feel bad ("Brad, I'm finally encountering the idea that loneliness is my only end-goal"). So here's what's going to happen next: We're going to get Kevin to tell a story about a pizza delivery gone wrong. And then we're going to break the story down step-by-step, uncover the mechanics of storytelling, and find out why storytelling has saved thousands of people from getting killed. You read that right. We cover:

- What happened after Kevin ordered pizza? 

- Who is the "Pizza Man"? 

- A simple process (using observation and deliberate practice) to improve your storytelling performance and get you telling better stories

And more, all on this episode. 

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The Facts

- If you're interested in the ideas on evolution, storytelling, and why it saved lives, more on that in the book, Wired for Story, which I read a brief summary of. 

- Special thanks to Alex Blumberg's course on Storytelling that hasn't just inspired this episode (especially on the three-act story structure), but inspired the way I podcast. Huge gracias.   

Production and Credits

Special Guest: Kevin Sanji

Host, Producer, Research, Sound Design, Editing: Mohnish Soundararjan

Co-Host: Kevin Sanji 

Feedback: Jarrod Sport, Vysali Soundararajan, Justine Brumm, Kevin Sanji 

Intro Music: Electric Mantis